We offer a number of specialised services, including compounding, diabetes support and compression / support.


For more information on any or our products or services, please call our information hotline on 1300 SCRIPT (1300 727 478).


We understand it can be difficult to take off-the-shelf medications. You may be allergic to a component of the medication, the strength of the dosage may not suit you, or the form of the medication itself may be difficult to ingest.

We offer a specialised compounding service that tailors medication just for you. As this is a prescription-only service, we work closely with your general practitioner to understand any medication difficulties, and recreate your medication in a form and strength that meets your needs.

Medications we can tailor include:

  • Vitamin D (high dose) – 5,000, 10,000, 50,000 and 100,000 unit doses available
  • Progesterone Pessaries
  • Bio-identical hormone replacement medication
  • Testosterone trans-dermal
  • DHEA (capsule and troche forms)
  • Melatonin (capsule, troche, liquid, transdermal forms)
  • Clobetasol / Tacrolimus ointment, cream and lotion
  • Depigmenting creams
  • Hydroquinone lotion
  • Boric Acid Pessary
  • DCP topical applications
  • ED supplements
  • Aldara®
  • Any other non-proprietary product that requires specialised compounding

We are proud to be part of the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS). As an agent for NDSS registration, customers can simply bring their Medicare card to one of our pharmacies and sign up for this service.

You will have access to our wide range of subsidised diabetic testing strips, insulins, and diabetes testing monitors, including Optium Xceed™, Freestyle Lite®, Accu-Chek® Performa, Accu-chek® Mobile, One Touch Verio®, CareSens®, WaveCheck and TRUETrack®.

We stock a range of lancet and lancing devices and sugar-free nutritional supplements to assist you in managing your diabetes.

For patients who require insulin we provide free insulin syringes and pen-needles, and our subsidised products and services include:

  • Testing strips
  • Urine analysis strips
  • Injecting syringes and needles
Compression / Support

If you have tired or aching legs we can provide a range of products that can assist you in aiding blood flow. Compression and support hosiery are designed to apply gentle pressure through your lower limbs to improve circulation and prevent swelling.

Our products include: Venosan® Compression Hosiery, BodyAssist®, Thermoskin® and Futuro™ support therapy and TENS (Transdermal Electronic Nerve Stimulation) machines which are designed to provide relief from aches and pains.

In addition we have a number of blood pressure monitors in the Omron® range, which can be fitted to your wrist or upper arm for ease of use. Choose from our standard, deluxe or premium models.